-June 2, 2009 - Sandi Miller known from the "Elvis - Behind The Image" series is VIP guest at European Meeting

Her photos and journal entries of the times she spent with Elvis can be found in the two books and the first DVD volume of the "Elvis - Behind The Image" series. Her friendship to Elvis was something special for her and when she talks about the good days of the private human being Elvis Presley - everybody is touched....

Yes, we are talking about the famous Sandi Miller who is also a well-known guest from the Elvis Insiders Messageboard where she constantly supports the fans with her stories and by talking about her times with Elvis. Sandi will be special guest at the "Elvis Convention '09" in Randers, Denmark. Sandi will answer all your questions and will be happy to sign her books and DVDs for you.

On June 7th, Sandi will contribute to a meeting of the Dutch fanclub "Elvis For Everyone" in the Netherlands. The location for the meeting is the Hotel Hoogeveen (Mathijsenstraat 1, 7909 AP Hoogeveen) From noon to 5 P.M. she will be available for questions & answers, book signing and photos.


-May 29, 2009 - FTD release "Dixieland Delight" now available

The latest FTD release - a 2-CD Set titled "Dixieland Delight" is out now!

This is the first collectors’ item for the upcoming multimedia-box set in cooperation with
Bud Glass Productions & Praytome Publishing.

On May 18, 2009 the latest “Follow That Dream" release - a 2-CD set titled 'Dixieland Delight' - has seen the light of day and is available now at your local Elvis dealer. For the first time ever, Elvis' official record label is supporting and cooperating with another company, which is well-known for delivering high-quality Elvis products. Because of this cooperation, the team of Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing feels very honored.

The cooperation takes place in different areas of the product. The main topic for both the FTD-release and the Multimedia-Box set concerns the five consecutive performances of Elvis in Huntsville , AL , in 1975. On May 15th, the official press release by Praytome Publishing announced the concept of the box set, and details were revealed about the content. One of the highlights will be an extraordinary three-hour documentary with more than twenty interviewees - all of them original eyewitnesses to the shows. Also, dozens of high quality photos, as well as memorabilia and ticket stubs will be presented in a special hardcover book. Wait! There is more to discover in that box set....

To give the fans nowadays an idea of what the shows were like, the best idea is to provide them audio recordings of the performances. 'Follow That Dream', also known as FTD, liked the idea to dignify these special shows with an extra release. Soon after, the decision was made to release two shows from the Huntsville gigs (Matinee Show May 31, 1975 + Matinee Show June 1, 1975). Because the producers wanted to use all the space on the CD’s, the remaining free space was filled up with additional bonus songs from the other Huntsville shows.

When you have seen the design of the FTD package, you will quickly notice that the cooperation is clearly evident. FTD not only decided to adapt "Dixieland Delight" as the title – an original Bud Glass concept from the very beginning design for the book cover; but FTD also adapted the front cover shot of the "Dixieland Delight" book, a great shot taken by George Hill during the Matinee Show of May 31, 1975.

It's worth mentioning that this is the very first five-inch FTD release that comes with an exclusive eight-page booklet. All of the photos, tickets and memorabilia items you will find in the booklet were provided by Bud Glass Productions / Praytome Publishing. The detailed liner notes were written by Bud Glass, the author of “Dixieland Delight” and previous releases like Elvis – “Behind The Image” and “Elvis - Born To Rock”.

The package for the FTD release is really something special - not only because of the fresh artwork and classy design, but also for being a 2-CD set with an exclusive eight-page booklet. By creating this very special product, FTD producers, Ernst Jorgensen and Roger Semon, have set the tone that the five consecutive performances of Elvis Presley in Huntsville deserve very special treatment.

A special note on the inlay reads:

"In cooperation with Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing for their up-coming multi-media box set: DIXIELAND DELIGHT"

As the official press release states, there will be a special placeholder where you can put your FTD release inside of the Multimedia box. That is the right place to be for the FTD!

Do not hesitate any longer! Ask your local dealer for the new FTD release, so that you will have the first collectible item - the "Dixieland Delight" 2CD Set - for the upcoming Multimedia box by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing.

Scan from the inlay of the FTD release


-May 21, 2009 - update on "Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe"


The 'Sahara' in Lake Tahoe in 1976

The 'Horizon' in Lake Tahoe in 2009

It is always nice to hear good news instead of bad ones, don't you agree ?

The hotel formerly known as "Sahara Tahoe" will not close its doors forever.

The management decided now that the 'Horizon' will let go 75 employees. The entertainment, restaurants and rooms are all still open. The gambling tables and shots were taken away, because the Tahoe Realty company that now owns it, has not gotten their gambling license yet. When they get it, all of the gambling will return.

Tahoe Realty is running the Horizon as of now, because the Tropicana had to give it up during the bankruptcy. Looks like no decisions will be made about the Horizon until April 1, 2011.

That is really good news and you still have a chance to come up and see it.

We will keep you updated...

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-May 19, 2009 - 'Praytome Publishing' being the official partner fot the 3rd Elvis Festival in Rostock / Germany

During the weekend of July 10-12, 2009 the 3rd annual Elvis Festival of the 1. Elvis Presley Club Mecklenburg Vorpommern will take place. In Rostock, Germany (which is close to the Baltic Sea, in the Northern Area) the three day event will have some very interesting guests from the Elvis World.

• Cynthia Pepper, actrice who played with Elvis in "Kissin' Cousins"
• Dick Grob, chief of security for Elvis' bodyguards

• Ed Bonja, the official tour photographer whose pictures can be seen on multiple Elvis Album Covers

• Sam Thompson, bodyguard for Elvis Presley

There will also be some live acts performing the music of Elvis and a special exhibition with Elvis items.

The Praytome Publishing team will not only be in Rostock to enjoy the event, but is also the official partner for this event and contributes prices for the charity tombola supporting the local children fight-against-cancer foundation.

• official website of the event: www.remember-elvis.de


-May 15, 2009 - Details of the Multimedia-Box-Set "Dixieland Delight"

The new FTD - 2CD Set "Dixieland Delight" in front of the mysterious
Multimedia-Box-Set "Dixieland Delight" by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing

Ernst Jørgensen confirmed that the latest 'Follow That Dream' (FTD) - release called "Dixieland Delight" is ready to be shipped.

So wholesalers and customers can expect to have their copies in the next week while the original release date was scheduled for May 18, 2009.

The FTD-Newsletter mentioned that this 2CD set is released as a joint venture and goes along with the Multimedia-Box-Set by Bud Glass and Praytome Publishing.

This is something that has never done before. We got many requests and received dozens of questions what this
Multimedia-Box-Set is all about. Because of the historical importance in the history of the Elvis concerts during the 1970 this five show stand will be presented in a never before done way:

With so many information about the shows and hundreds of different photos that cover the performances, it would not have been fair to squeeze the existing material into a single book with 144 pages.
So the production crew came up with the idea of a package that absolutely deserves the expression of “a true collector’s item”:

This Multimedia-Box-Set consists of the following:

• two great full colour, hardcover books
• two special 45’s vinyl with never before heard audio
• a DVD documentary with a running time of more than 3 hours
a total of 20 different interview partners and eye-witnesses to this extraordinary event
• special guest appearances of Sheila Ryan, Donnie Sumner, Charles Stone and others
• Bonus Audio Disc with never before released material
• Bonus DVD Disc with unedited footage and extra material
• Special Memorabilia slide-in module including
• poster
• calendar
• tour paperwork
• newspaper article reprints
• collection of buttons that were sold during the Elvis concerts with Huntsville images on display
• reproduction of the parking ticket
• reproduction of backstage pass
• reproduction of the tickets to the 5 individual Huntsville performances
• a total of 5 unique photos – one from each show being a high quality reprint directly from the negative
• a placeholder where you can place the 2 CD “Follow That Dream” (FTD) release of “Dixieland Delight”
• a special plate that identifies the numbered box set of this limited edition release


This box set will be released in a special limited & numbered edition and will be split into 4 separate releases.
More information will follow soon...



-May 14, 2009 - "Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe" will close its doors forever


The 'Sahara' in Lake Tahoe in 1976

The 'Horizon' in Lake Tahoe in 2009

Soon, another part of the Elvis History will be gone.

After the demolition of so many historic places like the 'American Sound Studio', the 'Aladdin' Hotel or lately the New Frontier Hotel, the former Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe now called the 'Horizon' will close its doors forever on June 5, 2009.

At this time there is no specific date for a re-opening or a demolition.

There were rumours for a while that it was planned to close the hotel in 2010 but we just got the sad news from Sue McCasland that they already started to remove the gambling tables and slots.

Sue McCasland & Joseph A. Krein wrote a critically acclaimed, definitive book about the Lake Tahoe engagements of Elvis Presley.

This release does not only feature the Elvis concerts but also gives you a lot of information about the 'Lake Tahoe' and the complete history of the Hotel itself.

It is really sad to hear that this famous building in the Elvis History will soon be no longer there.

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-May 8, 2009 - "My Years With Elvis and The Colonel" being the next 'Praytome Publishing' release


Frontcover of the upcoming book release

While everyone is talking about the recently announced FTD release and the upcoming Multi-Media-Box-Set by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing, we want to present to you the final artwork for the next Praytome Publishing release:

You are not familiar with the name 'Charles Stone' ? Well, you have heard of Elvis Presley and Colonel Parker, haven't you ?

Charles Stone - Concert West - Management Three - organisation of the tours: these terms all go together, and without them the Elvis Presley Tours in the 70's would not have been the same.

We are happy to announce that Charles Stone has decided to share his memories of his years with Elvis and the Colonel and that he has chosen 'Praytome Publishing' for this project.

Soon you will learn more about the book's content, as well as the release date.

More details about the project "Dixieland Delight" and about what we mean when we talk about a "Multi-Media-Box-Set" will be available next week.

Be sure that you visit our official website, and stay tuned... the next surprise will be announced soon.



-April 20, 2009 - Elvis' own record label teams up with Bud Glass Productions & Praytome Publishing

"Dixieland Delight"

In January 2009 we were able to present you the Teaser-Trailer for "Dixieland Delight" . Today we proudly can disclose another secret that goes along with this mamooth project:

After his second engagement in Las Vegas - January 26th through February 23, 1970 - and a record six-performance exclusive engagement at the Astrodome

in Houston, Texas - February 27th through March 1, 1970 - Elvis returned to Las Vegas for his third engagement - August 10th through September 7, 1970. This engagement

is best known for the filming of the MGM documentary, That's The Way It Is.

Elvis' first concert tour since his comeback to live performing in 1969 began on September 9, 1970, in Phoenix, Arizona. From that time, until his final performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26, 1977, Huntsville, Alabama was the only time that he ever performed so many consecutive shows in a single stop on any tour. For this reason, we feel that Hunstville is an important part of Elvis History that is unique in Elvis' career.

Once you see the documentary portion of of this mulit-media boxset release, you will see other very important reasons why this unique series of performances was so essential in other important ways to Elvis personally, happening at a key point in Elvis' personal life.

With the cooperation of Elvis' own record label (FTD) in a new release of a two-CD Set, which covers several of the Huntsville performances, Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing are making history. In covering this aspect of Elvis' life and career, the Dixieland Delight release will be the most in-depth and documented series of performances in Elvis History.

Follow That Dream, the FTD Label, has released more than eighty CD's to date; and this, in itself, is a record for any major star. Elvis has his own collector's label! FTD's goal has been to provide the fans with products which cover all the major events of Elvis' career. Ernst Jørgensen and Roger Semon strive to make available recordings of every type of event in which Elvis participated, including live tour concerts, Las Vegas Concerts, Lake Tahoe Engagements, studio rehearsals and recording sessions and even home recordings. There have been countless boxsets, such as the "Platinum" - Boxset, the "Today, Tomorrow and Forever" - Boxset and the critically-acclaimed "Complete 50's Masters" Boxset for which they received a Grammy nomination. The Seven-inch Soundtrack and the Classic Re-release Series are some of the most beloved Elvis products they have produced. FTD has now made the decision to make select Elvis releases available on vinyl, and fans are looking forward to that with great anticipation. Ernst Jørgensen''s book publications, like "Elvis - Day By Day" and "A Life in Music - The Complete Recording Sessions" are essential to every Elvis collection.

We are pleased and very honored to be able to work in conjunction with the FTD staff. We look at that cooperation as recognition of the high quality releases by Bud Glass Productions and Praytome Publishing, such as the "Elvis - Behind The Image Book" - series which focuses mainly on candid photography showing the private life of the greatest entertainer the world has ever known. The famous "Elvis On Tour" book series has set new standards for live photography, focusing on Elvis' concert appearances in the '70's. "Elvis -The Paternity Suit Uncovered" is one of the most revealing releases we have published. Our most recent publication, Sue McCasland's "World's Best Kept Secret - Elvis Live At Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe" sheds light on what was once a 'black hole' in Elvis History.

Praytome Publishing's DVD releases, such as the "Behind The Image" series by Bud Glass features first-hand accounts by Elvis friends, musicians and celebrities from the Elvis World. The 8mm footage - digitally transferred from the original 8mm reels for the first time - provides exceptional quality which is without equal - not just in the Elvis World, but in
the entire world. The critically-acclaimed "Elvis - Adrenaline" series focused mainly on Elvis' Las Vegas Engagements and featured full-length documentaries about the specific year topic. Like the "Behind the Image Series," The "Adrenaline" DVD productions are famous for their exclusive footage highlighting the only known existing footage of the '69 Las Vegas Engagement.

With their latest release, the FTD Record Label recognizes these famous concerts in Huntsville for their importance in Elvis History. Please note that this will be a separate release by the FTD Label and not part of the multi-media boxset which will soon be released by Praytome Publishing. We highly recommend the upcoming FTD release, "Dixieland Delight" and suggest that you go now to your FTD dealer to pre-order this fantastic production. When you receive your Praytome Publishing boxset, you will find a space to store the FTD CD.

Over the next several weeks, we recommend that you visit our Praytome Publishing web site often for updated news with details regarding our upcoming boxset release of "Dixieland Delight - A Memorial-Day Weekend With The King." We will soon advise you of the release date of this unique production.


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