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--Elvis - Adrenaline '71

The Documentary :

While "Elvis - Adrenaline '70" saw itself as Making Of "That's The Way It Is"" and was stylistically treated that way by the producers, there was a considerably bigger range in this new production.

So the creativity also had more range, but again original color elements, writings, logos and sound samples from 1971 were used to continue the ideology of the outfit. The first time you put the DVD into the player you will recognize after clicking through the interactive menu that it is a "sister" production.

Like with the "Behind The Image" series you recognize from the first second on where this production is from.
Anyway, the producers can't act on the assumption that the viewer owns the first DVD or that he will buy it first. So you have to document Elvis's life story again diversified to lead the fan factually and thrillingly to the year 1971. You also have to consider that not only the interested Super8 fan buys the DVD but also a none-expert, a normal Elvis fan whom you have to offer enough knowledge in the documentary.

Like on the first DVD it should be shown in the documentary how Elvis came to this period of his career, here especially his experiences in 1971.

This challenge was resolved in a quite uncommon manner.

With the help of Nadine Schwenk and modern CGI technology a never before touched terrain was introduced into the Elvis DVD world: The first minutes were created as complex 3D animations whereas Elvis's career (until 1971) is shown.

Afterwards the actual status, that means Elvis's meaning nowadays with his successful chart entries in the CD and DVD area is being documented to get afterwards with the help of a spectacular time warp to the year 1971. That's where the actual documentary starts.

The year 1971 is highlighted detailed as never before, whereas the topic Las Vegas, which is also main topic of this DVD, doesn't get a raw deal. From the Jaycee's Award to a Christmas session in May, to the first Lake Tahoe Engagement, to secret marketing and promotion strategies of Colonel Tom Parker, which are documented here with never before seen original documents and contracts, to the Summer Festival 1971 until the concert tour which brought the year finally to an end for Elvis.

Like other products of "Praytome Publishing" & "Bud Glass Productions" this DVD proves a lot of clichés and lies about Elvis Presley which established over the years wrong. Watching this informative documentary the viewer learns impressively how thrilling and diversified Elvis Presley's life really was.

The several stations in Elvis's life are fascinating like a thriller, so that the several pieces appearing during a detailed research fit together like a big puzzle at the end. That means reverse that lies and gossip are totally needless to tell an exciting story about the king.

According to "Adrenaline '70" where Elvis tells his own life story the producers turned their attention to using a lot of rare and unreleased sound documents. In this connection statements of J.D. Sumner, Col. Parker, Jessie Presley and of course Elvis himself were used.

Concert Footage
Las Vegas, Nevada - 1969 & 1971
While "Elvis - Adrenaline '70" shows only one concert and Elvis in only one jumpsuit, you can see in this release a handful of several stage costumes of Elvis in moving pictures. The viewer gets the complete available material just like in all other products, themed "all there is".

Despite the amount of the several concerts it's not short clips. In consideration of the fact that it is about 8mm footage the shown material is even exceptionally long and documents the several concerts in a comprehensive way.

Original DVD - Screenshot
"Black Herringbone Suit"

Original DVD - Screenshots of "Elvis - Adrenaline"
Elvis during his legendary stage comeback 1969

Jumpsuit junkies will appreciate the background information to the particular suits and concerts, however you get the complete recordings unedited and in full length.

The shown costumes are legendary. Legendary because there are only few information and few pictures of them. These rarities are therefore precious jewels, which come together for the first time on this Adrenaline DVD.

To these mega rare outfits belong the several "Cisco-Kid" jumpsuit variations.

You all know this costume from the cover of the "He Touched Me" - LP.

Besides the "Cisco Kid - suit with sleeveless shirt and red yokes" there is the "Green Cisco Kid - suit", as well as the modified version the "white two piece sleeveless Cisco Kid - suit with black yokes".

This version is so special because it is a jacket- trouser combination.

The outfit that is known in the fan scene as the "English Lord - suit" is so rare that all pictures that have appeared in books until now were only screenshots of the here shown footage.

Really unique in the fanworld is the "Elvis Now" outfit.

This jumpsuit was not only on the homonymous LP cover but another photo was used as cover shot for "Elvis sings Hits from his Movies, Vol. 1". This footage shows again how unbiasedly Elvis acted on stage. The big difference between the "That's The Way It Is" - Elvis, who was aware that he was filmed and the Elvis that is shown you here, is enormous. Elvis leans easy-going against the piano, swirls over the stage the next second and throws some teddy bears for his fans into the crowd. His lascivious moves and the moments when the v-neck allows us to see Elvis's belly button, are surely the scenes which especially the female fans will love.
Hastily he rushes through the songs. Wild moves, a microphone stand, where the word stand is already out of place because Elvis jerks so hard on it like he would fight against it.

The world has never seen something like this before. You wouldn't recognize the Elvis of 1969. After his 8 years of stage abstinence he appeared live again. And already in this period you can see the influence Karate had on Elvis. So in this footage are moves and "special moves", which let Elvis appear in his "Black Herringbone" like a real karate fighter.

For the first time excerpts were used in the "Adrenaline '70" documentary in a never before seen quality. By request and due to the lot of demands the producers have decided to release the uncut material of the legendary comeback engagement 1969 on this DVD as a special bonus. Especially valuable historically are the recordings due to this event not being documented by professional recordings yet.

The fans should thank Jean-Marc Gargiulo because due to him we have this unique and irrecoverable recordings. The "Praytome Publishing" - Team therefore is glad to be able to work together with Jean-Marc again, who was already contributing on "Adrenaline '70". The original reels were used in the known manner , and were scanned in the Bavaria Studios in Munich with the most modern laser technology. Only in this way it can be guaranteed that the complete information is being transferred on the DVD, and remains there forever without quality loss. The result of this expensive method is the legendary "Praytome Publishing" - quality: digitally transferred and crystal clear.

Bonus Features:

Due to the fans having to set bonus features aside in the official DVD releases, the producers have decided to work against this trend.

They got a lot of encouragement for the "Making Of" - Creation of Dreams from the first Adrenaline - DVD. In this bonus feature the technological operations in the Bavaria Studios were explained, so the producers decided to make a "Creation of Dreams 2" Special.

Experience in this "Making Of" what the secret meeting in Paris is all about and which meaning this meeting had for the Elvis world.
As additional feature this DVD offers the viewer an exclusive interview with the title "Jean-Marc Remembers", the person we owe this sensational recordings and a contemporary witness who was present live, when Elvis lined up in 1969 to revolutionize the Las Vegas Entertainment scene.

But there are even more bonus features. More surprises like for example the "Medley of Costumes" top the DVD off. Please understand that we don't go into the several bonus highlights detailed, but otherwise the surprise effect is gone.

Adrenaline '71 and other trailers of "Praytome Publishing" products

The trailers all give an insight into the other products. They shall not only entertain but also top the DVD off. Because the producers have to act on the assumption that there are costumers, who explore the Praytome Publishing products later, it is appropriate to put all available trailers on the DVD. The trailer, which are very popular are not only giving a little insight into other products, but they shall also be fun watching.

Of course the trailer for "Elvis - Adrenaline '71" is on this DVD. But also the trailer of the book "Elvis: Behind The Image - Welcome to His World" Vol.2, which was until now only available on the website is on this DVD for the first time in high quality.

A Comment on the Soundtrack:

All of the amateur recordings of this film material were recorded in 1970 without sound. Cameras with sound were not available to the general public before the end of 1974/ beginning of 1975.

It also not possible to add original Elvis music to the film material because of the legal situation. Even if you would be allowed to add it, this possibility would not be the right solution for most of the recordings. This results from the fact that a reel had a capacity of 3 minutes. The person filming wanted to capture as much impressions as possible of the concert, so he or she filmed as much sequences as possible, which, however, only last a few seconds, due to the running time of the reel. If you tried to add music in lip synchronisation the resulting material would sound like a broken LP. Apart from that, y you could only use a small amount of the amateurish recorded live appearances for a so called "overdubbing". Even if the person filmed 3 or 4 reels per concert at that time, you would have to cut the concert of one hour down to 9 or rather 12 minutes what brings us back to the "effect of the broken LP.

If you eclipse the lip synchronisation, you could use Elvis songs as background music but then Elvis's moves totally wouldn't fit the music. It would all seem out of tempo and pretty strange to the fans and would make the pleasure smaller.

You have to see Super8 recordings as what they actually are:
They enable us to experience Elvis in situations of different years, which wouldn't be available for us otherwise, because from the official side it was failed to make movie documents for the posterity. To cite only one example : if amateurs didn't film any footage of Elvis in 1975 we wouldn't even be able to see the star "live" in the according year.

We did not want to expect of the fan to watch a silent movie, so Bud Glass Productions decided for a different way. Instead of using barely fitting karaoke tracks or some kind of elevator music, like its common in cheap productions, the team used especially for this DVD composed songs, recorded in a studio by real musicians. For the first time ever you can find such a high quality music on a Elvis-collectors-DVD, which underlines the recordings stylishly and enjoyably.

During this production the "Drum-Roll" of Ronnie Tutt from "That's The Way It Is" was the musical guideline. Abutted at this musical theme the complete DVD and also the menu was designed. Whereas at the actual concert shots on Super 8 there was chosen complete different high quality music, which doesn't sound like typical Elvis music. Here an atmosphere should be created, which gives the viewer the opportunity, to lean back and relax a little and get caught and amazed by the visual.

The effect that the viewer who knows the series immediately feels at home, which was already achieved with the DVD "Behind The Image 2", was reproduced here.
So the producers have several important songs from the first volume of Adrenaline adopted and complemented with more high quality songs. Especially for the background music of Adrenaline 70 we have received a lot of praise.

Elvis - Adrenaline '71