--Elvis - Adrenaline '71


"Elvis - Adrenaline '70" made an impact!

Shortly after the release of the DVD "Praytome Publishing" got numerous requests from Elvis fans worldwide if there would be further volumes of "Elvis - Adrenaline".

After there were several short excerpts of the Las Vegas 1969 engagement in the documentary, the fans didn't want anything more than the release of the complete footage showing Elvis during his sensational stage comeback.

The fans and the world press agreed in one point:

The documentary contained on the DVD was as good that the only bad thing was the short running time. But the producers didn't want to make such an elaborate work like "Elvis: Behind The Image Vol. 2".

"Elvis - Adrenaline" should only be great entertainment linked with well-founded background information to the shown 8mm footage. Thereby the time frame in Elvis's career at that point in time when these incomparable recordings were made should be highlighted.
These requirements weren't only fulfilled but the result made the fans want MORE.We wanted to fulfill the wish of the fans.
It was aimed at establishing a premium documentary, dealing with Elvis in Las Vegas but focusing the year 1971.

1971 is like a black whole. It is really astonishing how different the amount of material in the several years is. From some years we have got a lot of material and from others we have nearly nothing.

After detailed research the producers realized that 1971 was an extremely eventful and successful year.

But the copyright situation makes it hard to report about the several events within a documentary. That's a bad point of departure if you want to create an exciting, informative movie with few material, and which shall have a longer running time than its predecessor.
First of all "Praytome Publishing" and the "Behind The Image" team created a concept which should use a little trick. It was planned to use a bigger time frame within the documentary.

After a long developing process first excerpts of the script by Gregor Retkowski and Nadine Schwenk were sent to Bud Glass. Bud should take the part of the narrator like in the first Volume "Elvis - Adrenaline '70". Bud's answer was "Hey do you want to remake "This Is Elvis" ? Bud was thrilled by the script but wanted to create a documentary which focused more on 1971 like the original concept.

Only one week later he sent a script which fulfilled all criteria. However, it took a whole year until the second part of the Las Vegas Anthology series saw the light of the day, due to the high requirements of the company had to be fulfilled. This - without any doubt - was realized for everyone's contentement.
Elvis - Adrenaline '71